Best Donut Shops

in Asheville

ultimate guide to the 

• 15+ flavors daily (cake & yeast dough) • 1000 Faces Coffee + espresso menu     Best donut selection in AVL!

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 South Slope

Tons of vegan donuts // a few gluten- sensitive donuts. Early bird gets the worm...

Vortex Doughnuts

3 classic flavors + 1 weekly special PennyCup drip + cold brew     Best gourmet + hot & fresh donuts

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Charming gem in a Nancy Meyers movie-worthy shop. Order online! Donuts are made to order.

Hole Doughnuts

Inspired flavors + THE Simpsons Donut Gluten-free mochi dough     Best flavor combos (that work!)

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Expect a sell-out and creative flavors!! Miso Maple, Raspberry Sriracha, Purple Sweet Potato S’mores…

Stay Glazed

5+ flavors + cookies, cakes, pastries Breakfast sandwiches + hashbrowns     Best Boston Cream donut in AVL!

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An authentic NY bakery with a full pastry menu, specialty cakes and great breakfast sandwiches!

Geraldine's Bakery

Classic donut shop // several flavors Cinnamon roll + bear claw + fritters     Best bang for your buck donuts!

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Mega donuts that stay fresh all day!

Ava's Doughnuts

Build your own flavors! Full espresso menu + ice cream     Best donut shop for kids!

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Watch the donuts get batched out, fried and topped. Build your own flavor or choose from a menu.

Duck Donuts

Only available on Saturdays! Awesome breakfast + lunch options     Best place to grab lunch & donuts!

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Cute cafe in Arden with fresh food and great outdoor seating (complete with a Little Library!)

Ivory Road Cafe

Powdered sugar + cinnamon sugar Full espresso menu + smoothies     Best mini donuts!

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Permanent trailer in the parking lot of The Hub at the entrance to Pisgah National Forest.


The Velvet Cup

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