The Biltmore Estate

Exterior of the Biltmore Estate with Christmas trees on the lawn

Everything to know about the Biltmore Estate

This guide to the Biltmore Estate shares details on Asheville's most visited attraction. As annual members, we have become pros at navigating the ins and outs of the Estate. We try to make the most of our membership with frequent visits, whether it's to spend the day strolling the ground with our dog or a quick visit to the playground and the ice cream shop at Antler Hill Village.

You'll find everything from admission details to hotel options, where to eat on the property and even details on visiting with kids.

We hope that it helps you make the most of your time at the Biltmore, whether you have an annual pass or if this is your first visit to America's Largest Home®.

Start Planning Your Biltmore Trip

Make the Most Of Your Visit.

Check out our guide for planning your trip to the Biltmore for details on where to park, where to stay, admission information and more. This is a great place to start!

Planning a trip to the Biltmore

Things to do at the Biltmore

Your Perfect Adventure Awaits

Did you know that there is a lot more going on at the Biltmore than the famous house? You'll find everything from a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride to off-roading in a jeep.

There's also a winery, a shopping area, a spa and lessons in falconry. Check our guide on fun things to do for more inspiration and ideas.

Biltmore estate: fun things to do

Dining At The Biltmore

From white linen tableclothes to a BBQ food truck

A list of The Biltmore Estate's dining options, with everything from a four-star restaurant to an English pub, ice cream shop and even a cocktail lounge.

Find out which restaurants need reservations and learn more about the menus before you go. We also include ideas for where to picnic.

Dining at The BiltmoreWhere To Eat On The Biltmore Estate

Visiting The Biltmore With Kids

Explore the kid-friendly side

The Biltmore Estate is actually very kid-friendly, especially the gardens and grounds. Not only is there just a vast amount of land to explore, but there are also multiple kid-centric activities.

We love taking our two young kids to the Biltmore and have a ton of tips to make your next visit spectacular.

Guide to the biltmore with kids

Where To Stay At The Biltmore

Options For Everyone

Did you know that you can stay the night on the Biltmore Estate? Not exactly in the house, but close to it!

Our guide to where to stay near the Biltmore Estate and Biltmore Village covers hotels, Beds and Breakfasts and even a short-term rental nearby.

Where To Stay On The Biltmore Estate