25+ Awesome Coffee Shops In Asheville: The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to our guide to coffee shops in Asheville! We share all of the best spots to get your caffeine fix, work remotely, people-watch or catch up with friends over a great latte.

This coffee shop guide includes everything from local roasters to coffee shops with excellent food, a coffee shop that doubles as a flower shop, a coffee shop inside a plant shop and even doughnut shops with excellent coffee. We share it all!

Where To Get Coffee In Asheville

We’ve put together a map of the best coffee shops in Asheville to help you find your next spot for a caffeine fix. Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot to work or a sunny place to people-watch, you’re sure to find the perfect coffee shop in Asheville.

Ultimate Guide To Coffee Shops In Asheville

Below you’ll find our roundup of awesome coffee shops in Asheville. For the most part, our list is unranked, though we did include a few of our go-to’s toward the beginning of the list. Rest assured that we have been to every single coffee shop on this list and would highly recommend each.

Now, let’s kick it off with our absolute must-visit coffee shop: Rowan Coffee.

1. Rowan Coffee

Perfect coffee shop for people who truly enjoy coffee (and design!)

Rowan Coffee is an absolute gem of a coffee shop in downtown Asheville. The phrase ‘best coffee shop in Asheville‘ definitely gets thrown around when Rowan is involved. And we get it!

They are one of the few coffee shops in Asheville that offer pour overs, and they typically have two on the daily menu in addition to seasonal specials, batch brew, and classic espresso drinks.

Rowan Coffee

This is a bold statement, but Rowan Coffee is our recommendation if you can only go to one coffee shop in Asheville.

It’s an Asheville must-visit! Expect a perfectly designed and decorated coffee shop and even better coffee drinks.

More About Rowan Coffee

Rowan is our favorite coffee shop in downtown Asheville. Expect a perfectly designed coffee shop and even better coffee. Check out their daily pour over menu or try one of their specials.

Availability: Open daily

Beverages: Rowan has a batch brew, espresso drinks, a few varieties of pour-overs and seasonal drinks. Below are examples of their seasonal offerings– both are delicious and perfectly capture the spirit of their respective seasons.

Their summer mocktail, the “New Partner,” is made with espresso, pear nectar, jasmine syrup, and lime juice, and is shaken with ice and served in a coupe.

Their fall special, the “Sweetie Pie,” is made with brown sugar, sweet potato, pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove, and is served hot.

Whole bean availability: Rowan roasts their own coffee and sells it in-store, online and even has it available for wholesale. The packaging is exactly what you’d expect from them: flawless. They also sell coffee gear and merchandise all making for the perfect gift.

Food options: Rowan features a great selection of pastries from local bakeries like The Rhu, Mother and Back Porch Baking Co. They also occasionally have food pop-ups at the shop.

Online Ordering: None

Parking: There’s a pay-to-park lot right next to Rowan on Broadway (it’s more expensive than street parking, though!) Street and garage parking is also available downtown.

2. Pollen Coffee + Flower Shop

Part coffee shop, part flower bar in downtown Asheville

Pollen is a hidden gem coffee shop on the outskirts of downtown Asheville. While it’s not really a secret, it somehow feels like one. This may be because it’s off-the-beaten-path. In reality, Pollen is loved by locals and an excellent destination for coffee, pastries and flowers.


Pollen is in the same building as Hatch Coworking and Little Bee Thai (a favorite for Thai food in Asheville!)

More About Pollen

Beautiful coffee shop in downtown Asheville filled with flowers.

Availability: open daily 8am-4pm

Beverages: Pollen has drip coffee, iced coffee, the classic espresso drinks you’d expect, chai, matcha and an awesome espresso tonic.

Whole bean availability: Pollen sells whole bean coffee from various roasters, including local ones like Rowan.

Food options: Pollen has a pastry case with daily offerings from local bakeries, with offerings like croissants, sausage rolls, bagels and pop tarts.

Online Ordering: None

Parking: Pollen is on the outskirts of town so parking isn’t so bad. There are free spots along the street out front. Don’t park in the United Way parking lot across the street during the week! It’s a pay-to-park lot on nights and weekends, though.

3. Farewell Coffee

Beautiful coffee shop in South Slope with plants and wine and stays open late

Farewell is an excellent stop if awesome coffee and beautiful plants are your love language. They also have natural wine if that’s more your style. Either way, Farewell is a gem!


Farewell is located just south of downtown in South Slope. It’s one of a few spots to get coffee in a sea of local breweries. Not only is Farewell an excellent place to bring a laptop and get some work done, but it’s also a great place for catching up with friends.

More About Farewell Coffee

The only coffee shop in South Slope and an absolute gem. It’s at the top of our list of aesthetically pleasing coffee shops.

Availability: open daily 7:30am – 8pm

Beverages: We love their batch-brewed coffee. They rotate their offering frequently but it’s always perfectly brewed. Their espresso drinks are also great, especially when paired with housemade syrup (honey rose, lavender, vanilla, simple.) You’ll also find a matcha latte, chai latte, various teas and even wine by the glass on the menu.

Whole bean availability: Yes! You’ll find bags from various roasters (Ex. Junto Coffee, Black white Roasters) for sale as well as Fellow coffee products and a Hairo ceramic dripper. You can then try to recreate their magic at home…

Food options: They have a pastry case with a few goodies (stroopwafel, muffins, breakfast sandwiches, croissants…) as well as candied nuts, olives and olive oil & bread on the menu.

Online Ordering: None

Parking: There’s a pay-to-park lot right across the street from Green Man that you can use, as well as street parking if you are lucky.

4. BattleCat Coffee Bar

Laidback coffee house in West Asheville

You’ll find coffee, breakfast and local artwork served up in the cozy and eclectic BattleCat Coffee Bar. It’s a spot loved by its regulars and does a great job keeping West Asheville caffeinated.

BattleCat has a few pastries and small bites available or you order food from Tiger Bay Cafe– it’s colocated inside BattleCat. Not only is Tiger Bay’s food amazing, but they take online orders.

We typically order from Tiger Bay on the way, get coffee from BattleCat and then pick up our food. Try their breakfast panini and bagel sandwich.

More About BattleCat

Super laidback spot to grab coffee and a great breakfast sandwich from Tiger Bay. They are located in the same building!

Beverages: PennyCup coffee, espresso drinks — hands down my favorite plain iced latte in Asheville comes from BattleCat!

Whole bean availability: They sell Asheville’s very own PennyCup coffee (including a custom BattleCat blend!)

Food options: There are two options for food at Battlecat. You can grab a pastry with your coffee order or hop over to Tiger Bay Cafe and grab a breakfast sandwich. Definitely try a bagel sandwich or breakfast panini from Tiger Bay!

Online Ordering: You can’t order coffee from BattleCat online BUT you can order takeout breakfast or lunch from Tiger Bay. Order your coffee in person once you arrive.

Parking: Street parking is available

5. Trade and Lore

Charming spot with brick walls, coffee, wine and beer in downtown Asheville

Bistro lights and outdoor seating, local art on the walls and fun drinks combine to make the magic that is Trade and Lore. It’s a great place to meet a friend and enjoy an espresso drink, wine or beer. They have multiple beers on tap daily as well as a few options for wine.

Trade and Lore

Trade and Lore has excellent drink specials and a small market section with local favorites Poppy Popcorn, Cooperative Coffee and Everyday Oil.

More About Trade and Lore

Cute coffee spot in downtown Asheville. Indoor and patio seating is available and you’ll find a few treats on the menu as well as kombucha, Devil’s Foot sodas, beer and wine.

Availability: Open daily

Beverages: Full espresso menu with some great seasonal drinks, coffee sodas, teas and shrubs. They also have beer and wine.

Whole bean availability: Trade and Lore sells bags of local roasters Cooperative Coffee and Flowermouth Coffee. They also have bottled syrup and Chill Wave coffee concentrate available for purchase.

Food options: Various pastries from The Rhu and Eat More Bakery, quiche, muffins, biscuits and Cultivated oatmeal cups.

Online Ordering: Yes, you can order Trade and Lore online and choose your pickup time and date.

Parking: There are very few spots on Wall Street where Trade and Lore’s shop is, but the Wall Street Garage is just next to it. You can access the garage on Otis Street. You could also park near the Grove Arcade and walk down the stairs next to Street Fair on Battery Park Ave to Trade and Lore.

6. Odd’s Cafe

Local hangout spot in West Asheville with great coffee, baked goods, outdoor seating and open late

Odd’s Cafe is a local gem at the edge of West Asheville’s main Haywood Ave corridor. It’s an especially great spot when the weather is nice and they open their large windows up. They also have outdoor seating.

Odd’s Cafe

They brew Cooperative Coffee and have a ton of tea drinks and creative offerings, like their Dreamer Latte with honey + lavender and an Aztec Mocha with cayenne pepper. And don’t miss their Gingerbread Golden Milk for the holidays!

Odd’s is open 7am to 8pm daily, which is pretty late compared to other coffee shops. It’s a great place for a cozy coffee date night out.

More About Odd’s Cafe

Quirky neighborhood spot in West Asheville that features local bakers, local artists and, well, locals. It’s the perfect place to catch up on work while sipping on a great cup of coffee.

Availability: open daily

Beverages: Drip coffee, full espresso menu, tea, matcha, chai, smoothies, sodas and a few bottled drinks. Lots of house specials and even a frozen frappe and Dreamsicle.

Whole bean availability: Odd’s sells bags of Asheville’s very own Cooperative Coffee.

Food options: Odd’s is great because they support local bakeries. You can always count on finding a new treat from a local NC baker. They also have quiche, bagels, oatmeal and fruit available.

Online Ordering: You can order online for pickup ASAP or schedule a few hours or days in advance.

Parking: West Asheville parking can be tricky. Street parking is available right out front but it depends on the time of day.

7. The Rhu

Pastries, sandwiches, coffee and a small local market in downtown Asheville

The Rhu is an excellent breakfast and lunch eatery in downtown Asheville. They are known for amazing and beautiful pastries, the world’s best brownie, creative sandwiches and a great spot to shop for local market goods (think: jams, coffee, tea, spices, etc.) The Rhu supplies several coffee shops around Asheville with pastries daily.

I never appreciated The Rhu’s potential to be the perfect coffee shop to work from until I stumbled upon their upstairs area. There’s a ton of space upstairs and many of the seats have nearby outlets, making it the perfect place to get some work done. You could also opt for a seat downstairs by the window if people-watching is more your scene.

More About The Rhu

Great coffee, a perfect pastry selection, breakfast sandwiches and lunch options. They also have a small retail market with local goodies.

Availability: Open daily (this may change seasonally so be sure to check first!)

Beverages: Full espresso bar and drip coffee available

Whole bean availability: The Rhu sells bags of PennyCup coffee in their market pantry section.

Food options: Excellent pastries and great breakfast and lunch options. Bagels and biscuits for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch.

Online Ordering: You can order takeout online from The Rhu.

Parking: They don’t have any street parking out front, but there are several pay-to-park lots nearby, including across the street. There’s also a garage under the Aloft Hotel just a few blocks down.

8. High Five Coffee

Local coffee shop serving Counter Culture (with a location on the river!)

High Five is a great coffee shop with three locations in Asheville. They brew with Counter Culture coffee beans and have a variety of baked goods and light bites to choose from.

Our favorite location of theirs is in Woodfin on the French Broad River. There are picnic tables along the river and it’s such a great destination on a warmer day.

High Five Coffee

One of our favorite things about High Five is their Barista’s Choice program. This program gives the baristas the opportunity to create their own experimental drinks using coffee and inventive ingredients. The drinks are announced on Instagram and available for two weeks before a new one is created.

More About High Five

Count on great coffee in a fun atmosphere with High Five! They serve up Counter Culture and have a pastry case as well as smoothies and other treats.

Availability: Open daily

Beverages: Full espresso menu and Counter Culture coffee

Whole bean availability: They aren’t a roaster, but they do have Counter Culture beans available for purchase.

Food options: Pastries, smoothies and snacks available. They serve up treats from Rise Above Bakehouse and Silvermoon Chocolate (including some gluten-free and vegan options.)

Online Ordering: None

9. Summit Coffee

Coffee roaster out of Davidson, NC with two Asheville locations

Though Summit Coffee is not originally local to Asheville (it started in Davidson, NC), it definitely feels at home here. We love them for their creative drink offerings, like the summer-only Summer Camp with marshmallow cold foam and graham cracker crumbs. Or the Dreamsicle with orange soda!

As far as their coffee shops in Asheville go, both are great but I especially love the graffitied Summit Coffee in River Arts District. It’s my go-to spot to work remotely if I’m in the area. The combination of live plants, brick walls and tall ceilings is a work of art. And outdoor seating, too!

No matter which Summit I go to, though, I always get a bag of their coffee before leaving because it comes with a free cup of coffee.

More About Summit Coffee

A roaster out of Davidson, NC with two laidback locations in Asheville. Great coffee and espresso drinks with a few pastries on the menu.

Availability: Open daily

Beverages: Summit keeps it easy with a straightforward drink menu. You can get a drip coffee, espresso drinks, tea, chai, matcha or hot chocolate.

Whole bean availability: They have a ton of options available in their Asheville shops, including the tea bag-style steeped packs. Each bag of whole beans purchased comes with a free small coffee.

Food options: They have a few pastries and sweets available at the counter– scones, muffins, cookies, vegan energy balls– as well as fruit, bagels and oatmeal. It’s a limited menu but it works!

10. Dripolator

Awesome local coffee shop with great vibes and bites

Dripolator is slowly but surely going to take over Asheville. And that’s totally fine with us because they are awesome! Their original location is east of town in Black Mountain, their second is west of town in Candler and in the summer of 2023 they popped up in South Asheville.


Their newest coffee shop is very aesthetically pleasing (the tile! the ceiling!) and feels right at home in the shopping center near Publix. They have a great patio on the side, excellent coffee, and an awesome selection of pastries. Try the buckeye brownie if they have it!

More About Dripolator

The newest coffee shop in Asheville and it’s not to be missed. We love their iced latte and any of the pastries available. It’s a go-to spot for locals.

Availability: Open daily (hours vary by location)

Beverages: Full espresso menu as well as teas, frappes and fruit smoothies.

Food options: They have a pastry case with a few goodies like danishes, croissants and brownies. They also have bagel breakfast sandwiches and quiche.

Online Ordering: None

11. PennyCup Coffee Co

Local Asheville coffee roaster with several coffee shops around town

PennyCup is a local Asheville roaster with locations downtown, in North Asheville, East Asheville and in the River Arts District. The downtown coffee shop is a bit off-the-beaten-path just down from The Foundry Hotel. We love their location here because it’s bright and has a really cool graffiti wall.

Their River Arts location is also pretty cool to visit because it’s the home of their roasting and packaging process. There’s not a ton of seating there, though, so if you are looking for a coffee shop to work remotely in Asheville, head to PennyCup on Merrimon!

More About PennyCup

A small-batch coffee roaster and coffee shop with great blends.

Availability: open daily

Beverages: A few different options for drip coffee, pour-overs, french press and a full espresso menu. You can also grab hot chocolate, a chai latte

Whole bean availability: PennyCup is a local roaster and sells their bags in store as well as around various retail shops in Asheville.

Food options: They have a small pastry and baked goods selection available, including some gluten-free options. They also have bagels and flavored cream cheese.

Online Ordering: None

12. Session Cafe and Bar

Hidden gem coffee, cafe and record shop (and more!)

We are always torn between whether we should share hidden gems or keep them to ourselves. In this case, we have decided to share Session because it’s just too good not to. Session is definitely one of the best coffee shops for food in Asheville.

It’s located in the historic Citizen Times building across from the Grove Arcade. The building is also home to Citizen Vinyl record press. There’s also a recording studio, an art & record store and a plant store.

Not only is the building cool, but the interior is so unique and modern. There’s great seating both downstairs and in a lofted area, as well as a few tables outside. It’s a fun place to meet friends and a great spot to work in downtown Asheville.

More About Session Cafe

An impeccably decorated cafe and full bar in the heart of Citizen Vinyl record press facility. It’s great to work from or just to hang out and enjoy an authentically Asheville experience.

Availability: Closed Tuesday-Thursday

Beverages: Full espresso menu with some great house flavors (ex. lavender honey, almond cinnamon, rosemary brown sugar.) They also have Asheville Tea Company teas, house herbal blends, spritzes, sodas, cocktails, wine and beer.

Whole bean availability: Session Cafe brews and sells Counter Culture.

Food options: Though it’s a small menu, you can count on everything to be exceptional at Session. We love their ‘Breakfast Sando‘ sandwich with herb aioli. It, along with the rest of the breakfast menu, is available all day. They also have Asheville’s best egg salad sandwich as well as an epic grilled cheese with Muenster, Swiss, Chèvre and seasonal jam served on OWL brioche.

Parking: There are a few parking spots out front and the Wall Street Garage is pretty close, too.

13. Ultra Coffeebar

Great cafe and coffee shop in the River Arts District

Ultra Coffeebar is an excellent destination for delicious food and coffee in the River Arts District. They truly have some of the best breakfast sandwiches in Asheville and lots of options for a vegan breakfast. We especially love Ultra’s sunrise bagel sandwich with pickled onion!

Their coffee drinks are also great. All of their syrups are made in-house and you can really taste the difference. And they have multiple versions of cold brew on tap.

Ultra was formerly Clingman Cafe but rebranded in 2016 if you were wondering.

More About Ultra Coffeebar

Excellent coffee and great breakfast sandwiches! You’ll find homemade syrups, awesome Nitro cold brew and great outdoor seating.

Availability: Open daily

Beverages: Full espresso menu with homemade syrups. They brew Durham, NC’s Counter Culture. Cold brew on tap in regular, decaf and nitro. Tons of fun iced drinks to choose from– try their Rick James (espresso, Coke and vanilla bean syrup) if you really need to wake up!

Whole bean availability: Ultra brews and sells Counter Culture coffee beans.

Food options: Bagel sandwiches!!! You can also grab a baked good. They have a ton of vegan options for breakfast and lunch. One of our favorite items to order at Ultra is their Sunrise Bagel (egg, garlic herb cream cheese, tomato, pickled onion, spinach.)

Online Ordering: None

Parking: They have a small parking lot out front but it’s often full. There is street parking and a few lots nearby, though.

Award: Best Cold Brew In Asheville! They take it seriously there and it shows. Also, Best Bagel Sandwiches in Asheville! Obsessed, obsessed!

14. Forage

Botanical coffee shop located inside a West Asheville plant shop

If you are a plant lover, you will absolutely fall in love with Forage and Flora. Forage is a botanical coffee shop and it’s located inside Flora, a local West Asheville plant shop. But Flora isn’t just any plant shop. It is breathtaking. It’s lush and green and feels like you are in someone’s beautiful home.

People are often surprised to find a coffee shop with cozy seating inside, and even more surprised to discover the garden out back. It’s paradise!

Forage serves local favorites Dynamite coffee and ChaiFor, as well as Matcha Nude, organic tea and sparking water. Their baked goods are from farmers market vendor French Broad Pantry and local bakery The Rhu.

15. Liberty House Coffee & Cafe

Daily brunch spot with garden seating and great coffee in North Asheville

We debated putting Liberty on this list because they have shifted somewhat over the years to more of a breakfast/brunch spot than a coffee shop. They don’t even have Wi-Fi available anymore! But they still have awesome coffee drinks, wildly delicious food and an excellent atmosphere.

We recommend Liberty if you are looking for food to go with your coffee and want to dine outdoors. It’s a charming, order-at-the-counter spot with a ton of garden seating. Their seasonal coffee specials are always delicious and the sourdough pancake is a top dish in all of Asheville!

More About Liberty House

Cute coffee house and breakfast spot with excellent food and the best outdoor seating in Asheville.

Availability: open daily

Beverages: Liberty has a full espresso menu, seasonal specials, hot tea and a beverage cooler with various drinks, including juice boxes for kids.

Whole bean availability: You can typically count on a few bags of whole coffee beans for sale, like Asheville’s very own roaster Cooperative Coffee

Food options: Hands down, Liberty is our favorite coffee shop for food. They have amazing pastries and a great breakfast and lunch menu. Don’t miss their sourdough pancake or weekend specials!

Online Ordering: None

Parking: Street parking along Liberty can be a bit tricky, especially when there is a yoga class in session at Asheville Yoga Center. It’s worth circling the block or walking for, though…

16. Bridge and Tunnel Coffee (food truck)

Coffee truck with excellent lattes and nitro

We couldn’t have a list of Asheville coffee without including Bridge and Tunnel. We think some of the best coffee drinks in Asheville come out of their yellow food truck. You can find them in various places around town throughout the week. Check their schedule to see if they’re close by.

There’s nothing better than an iced latte with flake ice (!) from Bridge and Tunnel while strolling around the North Asheville Tailgate Market. Pair it with a treat from French Broad Pantry and you are set! They also have absolutely amazing infused nitro.

You can also occasionally find Bridge and Tunnel occasionally at the new Village Food Truck Park in Fletcher. It opened in June 2023 and features a different food truck daily.

PS: Make sure to purchase a bag of whole coffee beans– they are a roaster.

Order Online

17. Grind AVL

Black-owned coffee shop in the heart of the River Arts District

Grind is a great coffee shop nestled amongst galleries in the River Arts District. They make excellent coffee and have the popular TikTok dalgona espresso drink with whipped coffee on the menu.

Grind is the only Black-owned coffee shop in Asheville and they host pop-up events for local Black-owned businesses and events for Black Wallstreet AVL. Check their Instagram to stay in the know on the next pop-up!

More About Grind AVL

Grind is a coffee shop in the Depot St. area of the River Arts District. It’s a great place to pop in while perusing RAD and it’s perfect for catching up on emails and getting some work done.

Availability: Open daily

Beverages: Full espresso menu, hot chocolate, teas and a ton of syrups to choose from.

Whole bean availability: Dynamite Roasting whole beans are available for purchase.

Food options: Fresh pastries from The Rhu!

Online Ordering: None

Parking: Tons of parking! Street parking in front and a large parking lot just across the street.

18. Gallivant Coffee

Plant-based coffee shop just north of Asheville

Gallivant Coffee is a neighborhood coffee shop with a fully plant-based menu. We have tried so many drinks and bites there and are still shocked that it’s all vegan! It’s in Woodfin but it’s a really quick drive from downtown Asheville.

Gallivant Coffee

You’ll find seasonal nitro on Gallivant menu as well as amazing vegan pastries and bites. The breakfast empanada is the perfect savory vegan breakfast. And if you want something sweet, check out their plant-based cinnamon roll!

Gallivant is a roaster and you can buy their beans in the shop. There are a couple of tables inside and a couple more right outside in front of the building.

More About Gallivant Coffee

Plant-based coffee shop north of Asheville with great custom blends, nitro, pastries and breakfast empanadas.

Availability: Open daily

Beverages: Full espresso menu with plant-based milk only, seasonal specials like a wildflower latte, nitro and fun signature drinks like their oak-smoked sea salt and honey latte.

Whole bean availability: Gallivant is a roaster and sells its coffee in the shop.

Food options: They have great vegan scones, muffins, pop tarts and cinnamon buns. You’ll also find bagels from Rise Above on the menu as well as a super tasty breakfast empanada. The menu is 100% plant-based.

Online Ordering: Yes! Order online here.

Parking: There are a few parking spots on the side of the building.

19. Retro Coffee

Chill South Asheville coffee shop with Counter Culture

Retro Coffee in South Asheville on Sweeten Creek Rd. is such a great addition to the area. They brew with Counter Culture coffee beans and have some really creative seasonal lattes on the menu. Like, a Peep latte for spring and a pistachio mocha. And the campfire chai with a toasted marshmallow!

They also have smoothies as well as pastries from Back Porch Baking Co. on the menu. Definitely get a cardamom bun if they have them! You can order online and there isn’t any upcharge for milk which is practically unheard of.

20. Asheville Sports Club

Coffee, pastries and pickleball in South Slope

Yes, the Asheville Sports Club in South Slope is indeed a great place for a cup of joe! And yes, it’s actually a place to get lost in all things sports. After all, they have a bar area with a ton of TVs to watch the big game, as well as pickleball courts and basketball courts.

Asheville Sports Club

Asheville Sports Club opens at 8am daily and offers coffee, espresso drinks and pastries. They also have cocktails, beer, hard kombucha and more.

It’s a really fun spot to meet new people, watch a Pickleball match or even participate in one. You can reserve courts at Asheville Sports Club online.

21. OWL Bakery

Must-visit bakery with exceptional pastries and coffee

OWL Bakery is a wonderful neighborhood bake shop whipping up the most magical croissants and pastries. They might be our most-recommended Asheville eatery.

OWL’s offerings are all a bit elevated— from a cardamom bun to an almond rose croissant. They also have cookies and great daily bread options and weekly specials. But the reason they are on this list is because of their exceptional coffee. I often claim they make my favorite cup of coffee in town. They brew Methodical Coffee out of Greenville, SC.

Their original location is in West Asheville and they opened a North Asheville spot in 2022. It’s right at home on Charlotte Street and has a few tables if you want to stay awhile. Their West location has excellent outdoor seating around the back. It’s shared with Gan Shan West, but they operate at different hours.

More About OWL Bakery

Asheville’s most-loved bakery with divine baked goods and delicious coffee. OWL is an absolute must-visit.

Beverages: OWL has awesome coffee and espresso drinks! Their coffee is tied with Vortex Donuts’ as my favorite cup of drip coffee in Asheville. You can also find specialty beverages (London fog, hot chocolate, hibiscus lemonade…) as well as tea and even a mimosa! If you are looking for a fun new drink, try adding vanilla cardamom to a latte.

Whole bean availability: OWL sells whole beans from Greenville, SC roaster Methodical Coffee.

Food options: Whether you are after a savory danish or something sweet like their sugar-crusted apple turnover, you will love OWL’s offerings. Their cardamom buns are delicious, as are the almond rose croissants and the morning buns. They even have some great gluten-free items like their daily squirrel loaf filled with nuts and seeds.

Online Ordering: OWL occasionally offers online ordering for holidays, but they don’t have a daily option.

22. Izzy’s Coffee

Laidback coffee shop with two Asheville locations

Izzy’s is a locally loved coffee shop that feels very ‘Asheville.’ They have two locations in town– Izzy’s Coffee Den is downtown and has a hole-in-the-wall feel and Izzy’s Coffee House is just that, a small house with a coffee shop. The Coffee House location is in West Asheville. Both locations serve great coffee and we can’t get enough of their bagels!

As far as locations go, I like the West Asheville one because it’s great for working from, has an awesome outdoor area and is just across the street from Augusta Barnett Playground. Our kids love getting breakfast from Izzy’s and then going to the playground.

23. Double D’s Coffee & Desserts

Iconic double-decker bus coffee shop in downtown Asheville

While Double D’s isn’t your typical coffee shop, it’s a pretty fun place to visit in downtown Asheville. The red double-decker bus is permanently parked on Biltmore Ave and serves coffee, frappes, smoothies, milkshakes and desserts.

While you can’t sit in the bus, you order at a window and can pop in the bus to get your drinks. Seating is available just to the side of the bus. And one last thing- it’s cash only!

24. Asheville Club

Coffee, beer, wine and people-watching in downtown Asheville

Asheville Club is a coffee, beer, and wine bar that offers a relaxed environment and a perfect place to hang out in downtown Asheville. They serve espresso drinks, Counter Culture coffee, and have a great beer selection, as well as locally brewed ginger beer and ciders.

25. Old Europe Pastries

Delicious pastry and dessert cafe with Italian espresso

Old Europe is my go-to recommendation for an iced latte in downtown Asheville. Not only are their espresso drinks strong and delicious, but you can pair your drinks with a delectable treat. Like, a four pack of French macarons! Or their world famous key lime pie! Or the peanut butter chocolate mousse cake!

Old Europe

Enjoy your drinks on-the-go or grab a seat in the cafe or at the window for some solid people-watching. We are a big fan of everything going on at Old Europe.

26. Vortex Doughnuts

A local favorite doughnut shop with an awesome cup of coffee

Yes, a doughnut shop is on our best coffee list! But they have a full espresso menu, brew some of the best coffee in town, sell bulk coffee and Vortex-branded coffee mugs, and have what we believe to be the tastiest donuts in Asheville.

Located in the South Slope neighborhood of Asheville, Vortex Doughnuts boasts a wide range of doughnut flavors in two different types of dough. It’s not a coffee shop to hang for hours and get some work done, but it is a great place to get some caffeine and a treat (especially when you have kids in tow.)

More About Vortex Doughnuts

Top Asheville donut shop with both yeast and cake donuts and a delicious cup of coffee. Don’t miss apple fritters on the weekend!

Availability: closed Mondays

Beverages: Vortex brews 1000 Faces coffee. They also have a full espresso menu as well as specialty drinks.

Whole bean availability: Yes! Stock up on 1000 Faces (including little tea bag-style ones that I am obsessed with.)

Food options: Vortex has over 15 daily doughnut flavors available in both yeast and cake dough! They post their weekly flavors on Instagram. Most are vegan donuts and they have a few gluten-sensitive ones.

Online Ordering: None

Parking: There are a few street parking spots out front and two pay-to-park lots nearby (across the street and next door.)

27. Gemelli

Upscale Italian restaurant with counter service breakfast and coffee

Gemelli Restaurant

If you were to enjoy a night out at Gemelli dining on some of Asheville’s best Italian fare, you might not know that it also serves as a casual, order-at-the-counter spot for coffee in the morning. But it’s true! You can get a great cup of coffee or espresso drink and a delicious breakfast there every day.

28. Chaunie’s Coffee

Permanent coffee food truck near Biltmore Village and the Antiques District

Chaunie’s is a fantastic spot to grab a coffee on the go in Asheville. It’s located near Biltmore Village and offers online ordering and delicious espresso drinks, housemade cold brew and matcha. They also have tacos on the menu and an outdoor area for seating.

Chaunie’s is in a great location if you are antique shopping in Asheville and need a caffeine fix. It’s practically in the middle of all of the antique shops we love. Start at Screen Door, grab some Chaunie’s and then head to Antique Tobacco Barn and Regeneration Station for a perfect day.

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