Your Guide To Saluda, NC

Downtown Saluda, NC shops and restaurants

Saluda, NC is a charming mountain town about 40 minutes south of Asheville.

It has a cute downtown area filled with local shops and restaurants. You'll love the small-town feel and surrounding adventure.

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35 miles south of Asheville

About Saluda, NC

With a population of just around 700 people, it's easy to skip over the small town of Saluda, NC. It's barely a mark on a map and yet with one visit, you'll discover the greatness of this hidden gem town in North Carolina.

Saluda sits in both Polk and Henderson counties, though the majority is in Polk. It's about 35 miles south of Asheville, which is a 40-minute drive on I-26. The downtown area is actually just a few minutes off the interstate and makes a great stop if you are traveling between Greenville and Asheville.

Not only is Saluda the perfect town to visit for a day, but it’s also a great spot to stay awhile and adventure out from. In fact, Saluda is less than an hour from Asheville, Brevard, Lake Lure, Hendersonville and Greenville. Each city has its own fun things to do, great restaurants and sights to see. 

This little town truly feels like it's out of a Hallmark movie. The mayor serves ice cream at the local general store, which is just a few shops down from the oldest grocery store in North Carolina. And there aren't any stoplights downtown!

This guide shares details on Saluda, NC, from the perfect day trip to where to eat, stay and shop. You’ll also find nearby adventures and attractions, like the year-round waterfall hike at Little Bradley Falls.

Day Trip Itinerary

An itinerary for a fun day in Saluda

Saluda is the perfect mountain town for a day trip from any nearby city. This itinerary outlines places to eat, shops to visit and even includes an outdoor adventure.

Where To Eat In Saluda

Green River BBQ outdoor seating with tex "Our Favorite Restaurants in Saluda, NC"

A list of our favorite restaurants in Saluda

From an outdoor apparel shop with a restaurant inside to where to get the best cinnamon rolls, this guide to restaurants shares all!

Things To Do

Zipline in mountains with text "10+ Fun Things To Do In Saluda, NC"

Adventure awaits in saluda

There are so many fun things to do there, from a downtown full of local shops to a train museum and so many outdoor adventures.

Where to Shop in Saluda

M.A. Pace General Store with text "Charming Shops To Visit in Saluda, NC"

saluda has so many great local shops

From art galleries to antique shops, a garden shop and an outdoor apparel shop, Saluda has you covered. There are so many unique finds awaiting you.

Where to Stay in Saluda

Orchard Inn

The Orchard Inn is a historic bed and breakfast located near downtown Saluda. There's a great restaurant on site that is open to both guests and day visitors.

Red Rooster House

We spotted the Red Rooster House (Airbnb) just up the road from Green River Brew Depot and Wakey Monkey. It's an excellent location in Saluda-- just a quick walk to town from the Airbnb. The host lives on the property but guests have a private apartment entrance.

Saluda Inn

The Saluda Inn is located just south of downtown Saluda and definitely within walking distance. It is newly restored and is such a beautiful property. There are only a handful of rooms and four suites available.

Saluda Cabins and Retreats

Saluda Cabins and Retreats, also known as Cabin Fever, is an eco-resort with 7 cabins on 15 acres. It is located less than three miles from downtown Saluda and offers nature trails, swings, rocking chairs, a goldfish pond, a playground and a campfire circle.

FAQs About Saluda, NC

Where is Saluda, NC?

Saluda is located in Western North Carolina just north of the South Carolina border. It lies on I-26 between Asheville, NC and Spartanburg, SC.

How far is Saluda, NC from Asheville?

Saluda is 35 miles south of Asheville. It's about a 45-minute drive on I-26 between the two.

What county is Saluda, NC in?

Saluda is located in Polk County, NC, though there are two small sections that are actually in Henderson County.

What is Saluda, NC known for?

Saluda is known for sitting at the top of the steeped main line standard-gauge railway line in the US until it ceased operations in 2001. Today there is a museum at the old depot.