Guide to Asheville’s Breweries and Epic Beer Scene

All the details on Asheville’s best breweries

With over 30 breweries in Asheville proper and dozens more in the surrounding areas, there is ample opportunity for beer lovers to explore. This is Beer City, after all!

Not only is Asheville home to some of the nation’s largest and most established craft breweries, but there are also several up-and-coming startups and small-batch breweries.

The smaller ones have a bit more flexibility to experiment and perfect, so you can expect a lot of unique brews and fun collaborations from them.

Not only that but there is even a dedicated school for brewers here. The Craft Beverage Institute of the Southeast ensures that brewers in the area have both theoretical and practical experience making top-quality beers. Speaking of, if you enjoy the technical side of beer making, check out our article on great brewery tours in Asheville.

Though it’s awesome that we have so many breweries in the area, the Asheville brewery and beer scene can also get a bit overwhelming. But that’s where we can help!

This guide to Asheville breweries will help you get the most out of what Asheville has to offer. Whether you are looking for breweries with great outdoor seating, kid-friendly breweries or the hidden gems of Asheville, you have come to the right place!

Table of Contents

  1. Map of Breweries in Asheville
  2. Breweries with wildly unique brews
  3. Hidden gem breweries
  4. Well-known breweries
  5. Local neighborhood brewery vibes

Map of Breweries in Asheville

Breweries with wildly unique brews

And now onto our guide to the Asheville brewery scene, starting with a great category: breweries with wildly unique brews. Here you’ll find several breweries that take their craft seriously, whether it’s through ingredients, the process, the equipment or all of the above.

1. Burial Beer Company

The perfect place for people who truly appreciate beer

With two locations around town (one in South Slope and one near Biltmore Village), Burial Beer Co. really is a must-visit brewery in Asheville. Those words get thrown around a lot, but we mean it! We highly recommend a visit to either location, especially if you love a good beer and interesting names + descriptions.

Burial’s taproom in South Slope is a magical place to hang out. A quiet Biergarten-style outdoor area is a welcome surprise in the heart of South Slope. There are several places to sit, including old vehicles scattered around. Their in-house kitchen serves excellent fare as well. We would definitely nominate it for the award of Asheville breweries with the best food.

Not too far away is their second AVL location. Burial’s Forestry Camp is one of the coolest breweries in town. It’s located in a former camp that housed Civilian Conservation Corps Workers. The setting and old buildings bring a sense of nostalgia to your beer-drinking experience.

Burial also has locations in Raleigh and Charlotte. Burial does not have flights, samples or tasters available. Full pours only!

2. Cellarest Beer Project

Unique high-quality brews in an unassuming spot

Cellarest is a small-batch brewery in West Asheville specializing in wood barrel fermentation and lagering. Their craftsmanship produces high-quality beers in styles you won’t find elsewhere.

Rather than having a beer list chocked full of IPAs, they have interesting wild ales, stouts, and lagers on the menu. It’s all small batch and regionally influenced (classic Asheville!) and they make use of some pretty cool techniques. One noteworthy one is that they use European-style serving tanks. These use compressed air instead of CO2 for dispensing, which saves on labor and water and reduces added chemicals.

They have great outdoor seating as well as a small taproom. Live music in the garden area can’t be topped! And their mural with the sun peeking through woods is super impressive.

Beer with a Cellarest Beer Project mural in the background

As far as food goes, they don’t have a kitchen but they are right next to W.A.L.K (local gastropub) and you can have it delivered to your table! You can also bring your own food or have something delivered. May we recommend Gan Shan West or Pizza Mind just down the road?


Great outdoor patio in the heart of downtown Asheville

With some of the best quality beer in Asheville, DSSOLVR is a must-stop for any beer enthusiast. Located on Lexington Avenue in downtown Asheville, this small brewery packs a punch.

DSSOLVR has around 20 beers on tap with styles ranging from Kolsch to sours to double IPAs ensuring there is something for every taste. There’s even a cheesecake sour!!

Black brick exterior of DSSOLVR brewery in downtown Asheville

The patio space tucked behind the brewery is a favorite around town. There are beer garden-style tables surrounded by trees. It’s unexpected!

Their indoor seating is also pretty great because it’s in the same space as their production brewery. So you can watch the magic happen from your seat. They open the doors between the spaces when the weather is nice.

One thing to note is that DSSOLVR does not have flights, samples or tasters available. Full pours only!

4. Archetype Brewing

Great rooftop, excellent beer and a cool place to hang

Archetype is a beer-first kind of place. They obsess over the process and the ingredients (mixed fermentation, wild ‘less-predictable’ yeast…) and it shows in their unique brews.

As a result, they consistently put out high-quality beer with some core favorites and a rotating selection of IPAs, stouts, lagers and so much more. And what’s great is that you can catch them at three locations around town. See below for details!

Back of Archetype Brewing in West Asheville with outdoor seating

Archetype West

Archetype Brewing’s production facility in West Asheville offers plenty of seating everywhere from an outside patio to a rooftop deck. You’ll find all of their core beers as well as seasonal and small-batch brews. You can also get cans or bottles to go. View the on-tap menu here.

They don’t have a kitchen on-site BUT don’t fret… Archetype is located next to two of our favorite restaurants: Gan Shan West (best Asheville takeout!) and Pizza Mind. Both restaurants offer online ordering and delivery to Archetype (just scan the QR code on your table!) Note: rooftop delivery isn’t available.

Archetype Kitchen + Brewing

Archetype’s newest location in the South Slope Brewing District is a craft beer lover’s dream. They took their care and quality for the beermaking process to this new location and added a food menu with pizzas, sandwiches, salads and snacks.

What’s really great about this location is the rooftop patio with excellent views.

Archetype North

Though they don’t actually brew at their North Asheville location, it’s definitely worth a mention. Archetype’s lounge is such a cozy space, with tall brick walls and dreamy furniture.

Apart from their beer on tap, you can also find wine, cider and non-alcoholic drinks as well snacks and charcuterie boards.

Tuesday is their ‘Locals Night‘ and they are closed on Fridays and Saturdays for private events.

5. Zillicoah Beer Company

A great brewery along the river in North Asheville

Located north of downtown Asheville along the French Broad River, Zillicoah Beer Company is another gem of a brewery. Great beer, food trucks, and… here’s something unique… no kids allowed except on Sundays.

Plenty of space on their 4-acre property makes it a great place to spend the afternoon drinking with friends and enjoying river views.

Sunday is their ‘Family Day’ and it’s the only day of the week for those under 21 to enjoy the space. There’s a large grassy area for kids, so bring some chairs and picnic blankets on Sunday and plan to hang out.

6. White Labs Brewing Co

Perfect for those who love the science behind beer-making

We mean it when they say they have turned brewing into a science. White Labs brews the same beer with different yeast strains, resulting in very different beer profiles. You can try the different strains yourself to see how it changes the flavor. It’s a great way to pinpoint which flavors and styles you really love. Read more about their beer and methods here.

Pizza and beer from White Labs Brewing Co in Asheville, NC

Not only is their beer fantastic, but they also have a great food menu specializing in pizza. You’ll also find wings, burgers, sharable snacks and more.

White Labs is located in downtown Asheville, but not in the busy area where parking is scarce. Instead, they are just east of downtown, offering a great escape from the busyness of the main shopping and dining area. Their tap room is great with nice outdoor patio seating out front.

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Hidden Gem Breweries in Asheville

1. New Origin Brewing

A hidden gem with creative brews and a modern feel

You probably won’t stumble across this brewery while exploring Asheville, but it’s a local favorite for sure. Like so many other small-batch breweries, New Origin offers creative beer concoctions that you won’t find elsewhere.

New Origin is certainly off the beaten path– tucked away in the same area as Regeneration Station just off Swannanoa Rd. They have a modern tap room with bright clean vibes and a great outdoor space. It’s the perfect spot to spend a beautiful afternoon.

They don’t have a kitchen, but 900 Degreez Pizza is on-site from Wednesday to Sunday. It’s a food truck… but like, a food TRUCK. As in, a large box truck that has been reconfigured into a very cool mega food truck.

If you are looking to brewery hop, make sure to check out Cursus Keme just down the road.

2. Cursus Keme

An actual hidden brewery in Asheville

You may be surprised to find a small brewery tucked behind a gate with vines in the middle of what feels like an abandoned industrial area. Located near Biltmore Village (and just by New Origin Brewing), Cursus Keme is one of the most unique breweries in Asheville.

With an open airy feel, the industrial interior is connected to nature with huge roll-up doors, massive wooden furnishings, and tons of plants. Their tables and benches are awesome!

Picnic tables with umbrellas at Cursus Keme brewery in Asheville

The small brewery has a great selection of beer ranging from IPAs to pilsners to a doppelbock and they’re always experimenting with more.

You’ll find a few tables outside as well as a lawn (bring your own chairs!) They also feature live music, a monthly artisan market, and a food truck. Oh, and one last thing– their outdoor area is surrounded by trees and hops (yes, they grow their own hops!)

3. 12 Bones Brewing

Excellent local brewery brought to you by a top Asheville BBQ restaurant

If the name sounds familiar, perhaps you are thinking of their sister restaurant: 12 Bones Smokehouse. They make some of the Best BBQ in Asheville. But let’s talk about the brewery! 12 Bones Brewing is just another example of an Asheville establishment contributing to what makes Beer City so amazing.

And yes, it’s located next door to 12 Bones’ South AVL location, so you can pair world-class BBQ (especially the ribs!) with great beer.

Exterior of 12 Bones Smokehouse South location in Arden

With a lineup of traditional and more experimental beers, there is something classic or unique for every palate. They also host a ton of cool events like trivia and live music. Follow on social media for upcoming events.

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Well-known breweries in Asheville

Below is a list of the bigger, more well-known Asheville brands and even a few national brands with a production brewery here in Western North Carolina.

1. Wicked Weed

West Coast-style hoppy brews and sours galore

As a true darling of the Asheville beer scene, Wicked Weed has multiple locations around town. And you can always expect great beer and food, whether it’s at their Brewpub downtown, their sours-heavy Funkatorium in South Slope or their newest spot (Wicked Weed West) in the Enka/Candler area. Details on each are below!

Wicked Weed Brewpub

Their original location (the Brewpub) is located at the edge of Asheville’s downtown. They have a vast selection of award-winning beers as well as an on-site kitchen with excellent food options. Try one of their signature flights if you are indecisive or like to sample several brews.

The Brewpub is a great place to hang out with both indoor and outdoor seating. We especially love the open patio on Biltmore Ave. Perfect for people-watching!

Wicked Weed offers free brewery tours at their brewpub location. It’s 21+ and you can sign up online.

Beer Garden seating at Wicked Weed Funkatorium

Wicked Weed Funkatorium

Less than a ten-minute walk from the Brewpub you’ll find the Funkatorium. Located in the heart of the South Slope Brewing District, they specialize in small-batch sours and funky beer. With 20 on tap, it’s a wonderworld for sour lovers. They also have a selection of traditional beers on tap at the Funkatorium as well as signature flights.

And we can’t forget the space and food– elevated pub fare and beer garden-style seating. The perfect escape, especially when paired with a funky sour.

Exterior of Wicked Weed West in Asheville NC showing a patio with outdoor seating to the side

Wicked Weed West

And finally, their newest location is in Candler. You’ll find a 50-barrel production brewery at Wicked Weed West, as well as a taproom and food truck. There’s outdoor seating to the side with picnic tables and umbrellas.

Expect excellent food with menu items like a smash burger, a beyond burger and even salads. Oh, and local Sunshine Sammies ice cream sandwiches and chalk for the young at heart.

One last thing… Wicked Weed was sold to Anheuser Busch-InBev in 2017. All of their beer production continues to remain in Asheville, though their distribution area has obviously expanded since the sale. It’s still a beloved Asheville brewery, though, and feels very local despite the sale.

2. Hi-Wire

A local Asheville gem with several out-of-state locations

With several locations scattered around Asheville, Hi-Wire’s colorful vibe is sure to draw you in. Not only do they have their flagship and seasonal ales available, but also a wide assortment of special batches, sour and wild ales.

Their three locations offer very different atmospheres, so much so that we have broken them out below. Our favorite of the three (especially when we have kids in tow!) is their RAD Beer Garden. The outdoor seating is great and our kids love watching the forklifts at work in the distribution area.

Hi-Wire Brewing's building in South Slope with a colorful mural out front

Hi-Wire South Slope

Their colorful South Slope spot serves as their original home and is now dedicated to brewing their small-batch beers, sours and wild ales. It is an intimate taproom and can’t be missed with its rainbow vortex façade. For food, you’ll find a few snacks and ready-made charcuterie platters or you can bring your own.

Their South Slope brewery features 24 taps of unique Hi-Wire beers as well as non-alcoholic beer and soda.

Hi-Wire Brewing in Biltmore Village area of Asheville NC

Hi-Wire Biltmore Village (Big Top)

Their 27,000-square-foot production brewery and taproom is located near Biltmore Village. Known as Hi-Wire Big Top, you’ll find several picnic tables outside, a covered patio, and the permanent Foothills Local Meats food truck serving up awesome burgers.

Big top features 30 taps (25 of which are Hi-Wire brews), 3 draft wines, cold brew, and local Devil’s Foot Sparkling Lemonade.

Shipping container beer garden at Hi-Wire in Asheville

Hi-Wire RAD Beer Garden

The newest Hi-Wire location to the Asheville scene and one of our favorites in town! Tucked away in the River Arts District you’ll feel like you walked into paradise.

The 25,000-square-foot distribution center has a killer beer garden and taproom. The beer garden is constructed from nine up-cycled shipping containers, and in true RAD fashion, they are covered with colorful murals.

Like their Big Top location, you’ll also find a permanent Foothills Local Meats food truck and 24 taps of unique Hi-Wire beers, a few non-alcoholic beers, and sodas.

Though Hi-Wire calls Asheville home, they have a large presence all over the southeast. You’ll find them in Charlotte, Durham and Wilmington, NC, as well as Birmingham, Louisville and Knoxville. They are also opening locations in Cincinnati and Nashville soon.

3. Highland Brewing

Excellent beer, local food trucks and great outdoor fun

As Asheville’s first craft brewery, Highland Brewing is where the Beer City magic first began. Established in 1994, Asheville’s oldest craft brewery still cranks out high-quality beer today. A few of their top brews include their flagship Gaelic Ale (an amber-colored American Ale), their seasonal Cold Mountain Spiced Winter Ale and an excellent line-up of IPAs.

You’ll find a great outdoor area, a large indoor taproom with a porch and a rotating lineup of food trucks at their production brewery in East Asheville

The huge campus also has loads of activities, like a short hiking trail, disc golf, corn hole and volleyball. Their large outdoor space, dubbed “The Meadow”, is perfect for kids of all ages to get some energy out.

Entrance to Highland Brewing in East Asheville

They offer brewery tours for a behind-the-scenes look and they also host several events throughout the year.

Highland also has a bar and taproom downtown in the beautiful S&W Market (Asheville’s only food hall!)

4. Sierra Nevada

Asheville’s (and quite possibly the East Coast’s) most impressive brewery

If you looking to be wowed by a brewery, head to the Sierra Nevada Brewery located south of Asheville in Mills River. This kid-friendly brewery serves as their East Coast production facility and is the closest brewery to the Asheville airport. It’s situated on over 180 acres on the French Broad River.

Sierra Nevada is a beer wonderland where you can eat, drink and soak in the great outdoors. They offer a variety of brewery tours, live music, great bites, awesome beer and plenty of space to roam around.

You can either dine at their restaurant (10/10 food btw) or you can order from their patio menu out back and enjoy the grounds.

Sierra Nevada Brewery in Mills River, NC

Their outdoor space is pretty much unmatched– you’ll find a grass lawn amphitheater, a working garden, and plenty of seating to enjoy. They even have a play area for the little ones, making it one of Asheville’s best breweries to bring kids.

5. New Belgium Brewery

Asheville’s largest downtown brewery

New Belgium has a huge production brewery in West Asheville with a fun taproom, plenty of outdoor space and great views of the French Broad River. They feature over 30 beers on tap with a huge selection that you won’t find in stores.

While New Belgium doesn’t have an in-house restaurant, they have a rotating calendar of food trucks. They have a great event space and outdoor festival grounds. It’s a perfect place for kids to run around while you enjoy some fresh air and great beer.

Entrance to New Belgium Brewing in West Asheville

New Belgium also has an outdoor porch overlooking the river with great covered seating. And for all the beer enthusiasts out there, they offer a range of brewery tours to meet your taste. Check out this article for more production brewery tours in Asheville.

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Local neighborhood brewery vibes

1. Wedge Brewing Co.

A laid-back neighborhood brewery with great beer and atmosphere

With not one but two locations in River Arts District and a taproom in Grove Arcade, Wedge Brewing has you covered all over town. Their laid-back taproom and beer gardens are great spots to meet for a beer.

Exterior of Wedge Brewing at Wedge Studios in the River Arts District in Asheville NC

Wedge Brewing Company (at Wedge Studios)

Honestly, you can’t get more Asheville than Wedge Brewery at Wedge Studios. It’s tucked in the dock level of an iconic building in the River Arts District. The building (a triangular-shaped wedge…) is over 100 years old. It was founded by a metal artist and features 20 working studios. It’s a great place for art lovers to explore!

The brewery features rotating food trucks, a small taproom and great outdoor seating. You can’t get a flight but they do offer half-pours.

Exterior of Wedge at Foundation in Asheville NC

Wedge Brewery at Foundation

Just down from Wedge at Wedge Studios you’ll find their other RAD spot in the Foundy St area. It’s right next to 12 Bones BBQ and they also have the permanent Chop Shop food truck on site. We love the Carolina hot dog and their burger!!

We enjoy taking our kids here because it’s pretty laid back. As far as beer goes, they have around 15 on tap at any time and also feature Noble Cider, wine and Ginger’s Revenge.

Read more about Wedge at Foundation and Chop Shop here.

Wedge Brewing Grove Arcade Exterior

Wedge Brewery Downtown

Wedge’s newest location is right at home in the Grove Arcade. Their taproom is the perfect place to escape the crowds. You’ll find around 10 drafts available, including a few IPAs, a lager, a sour and even their take on the classic Belgian Saison when available. Ginger’s Revenge is also on the menu, as well as wine and prosecco.

As far as food goes, you can either get a bar snack by the local catering company Red Fiddle Vittles or bring your own food. Wedge is located near a ton of great places that offer to-go food. One of which is Baba Nahm— it’s a favorite of ours for delicious takeout.

Picnic tables behind Wedge at Foundation in the River Arts District
Wedge at Foundation

Wedge has an extensive beer list featuring IPAs, sours, stouts, and lagers. All three of their locations offer great places to hang out and enjoy excellent beer.

2. Whistle Hop Brewing

A brewery your kids will love as much as you!

This train-themed brewery does much more than just appeal to kids and the young at heart. While they have plenty of activities and things to see for kids, their beer is truly next level.

They brew some classic crushable brews including their flagship pale ale, Pale by Rail, and a ton of uniquely flavored beers like a Fruit Loops Milkshake IPA, an Orange Blossom Ginger Tripel and a Dark Choco Hazel Imperial Stout.

Seating and a train car at Whistle Hop Brewing in Fairview NC

The outdoor space is amazing with a 3 hole mini golf course, cornhole, disc golf connect four, and an epic tunnel slide that kids absolutely love. And inside you can actually sit in an old caboose. Rotating food trucks keep you fed.

It’s a great place to check out on your way back from a day trip to Lake Lure or after hiking the Bearwallow Mountain trail. The perfect family-friendly brewery!

And that wraps up our guide to Asheville breweries. It’s pretty epic, right? There are so many great breweries to check out and we hope this list inspires you to try a new one!

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