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S & W Market

56 Patton Avenue | Asheville, NC

Located in Downtown

About S&W Market

The S&W Market is Asheville’s only food hall and it’s located downtown in the historic S&W Building. This building was actually designed for the S&W Cafeteria. The name is certainly a throwback!

It’s a great place to grab lunch in downtown Asheville and the perfect destination if dining with a larger group with a variety of dietary preferences.

The cafeteria part has an old-school mall food court feel (in a good way!) It’s a gorgeous building both inside and out and the food vendors are anything but mall food court quality.

S & W Market
56 Patton Avenue
Asheville, North Carolina 28801

S&W Market Vendors

Below is a list of current food vendors at S&W Market.

  1. Buxton Chicken Palace: Choose from a fried chicken sandwich or chicken nuggets and pair it with a variety of sauces. We love their Alabama BBQ sauce!
  2. Bun Intended: Thai-inspired street food that started as a food truck and now has its permanent spot in the market.
  3. Farm Dogs: Farm Burger’s take on grass-fed sausages and hot dogs.
  4. The Hop: a beloved local ice cream shop with several dairy-free options available
  5. The Times Bar: Locally sourced and seasonally inspired cocktails and coffee. The Times Bar is connected to the S&W Cafeteria by a shared patio.
  6. Highland Brewing: S&W is Highland’s second taproom in the area and is a great spot to stop in for a pint alongside some of your favorite foods. They have a smaller bar on the main level right where you walk in and a larger bar and tasting room on the mezzanine level. You’ll get a great view upstairs!
  7. Mikasa Criolla: A newcomer serving up Peruvian food (fresh stew, empanadas, paninis…)
  8. Gourmand: A wine-bar, tapas-bar hybrid inspired by the cave à mangers in Paris. Small plates, sandwiches, salads, charcuterie, cheese and wine are all on offer. It’s a great spot for casual French fare and wine.

Seating At S&W Market

The S&W Market has both indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor tables are just across from Pritchard Park where the drum circle sets up on Friday evenings in the summer/early-fall. Inside there’s a main area with a few tables off to the side, or you can head upstairs to the Highland taproom.

We love the shared seating with the various vendors because it makes the market a really great place for groups. Everyone can try something of their choosing and you don’t need to split up to do so.

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