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18 North Lexington Avenue | Asheville, NC

Located in Downtown

About Table

Table is a fantastic restaurant in downtown Asheville with a focus on local fare and delicious flavor combinations. The menu isn’t overwhelming but includes more than enough to find something for everyone.

We always recommend starting with Heidi’s bread because it’s such a treat! It’s a great size for sharing and comes with a side of cultured butter. From there, well… the menu is known to change! But there’s always something great to try. The ribeye for 2 or more is typically on the menu and is great if you aren’t dining alone. Otherwise, prepare for leftovers! The steak tartare is also a crowd favorite, as well as the schnitzel when available.

It’s a great place and quite small, so make sure to make a reservation for Table in advance! We especially recommend it for a date night in Asheville.

18 North Lexington Avenue
Asheville, North Carolina 28801

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