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OWL Bakery pastries with text "The Best Bakeries In Asheville, NC"
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15 Asheville Bakeries With Outstanding Baked Goods

This article shares the best bakeries in Asheville, from where to get delicious croissants to the best macarons and fresh sourdough.

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Vegan Desserts in Asheville: 9 Vegan Bakeries & Sweet Shops

A roundup of vegan desserts in Asheville, from vegan ice cream to pies and even a vegan cheesecake that you can custom order!

Ice cream cones with text "15+ spots for great ice cream in Asheville"
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Where To Get ICE CREAM In Asheville: 15+ Places

Where to get ice cream in Asheville, including dairy-free options, gelato, Italian ice, custard and more.

Geraldine's Bakery cases with "an old-school bakery worth visiting in North Asheville"
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6 reasons we love Geraldine’s Bakery

Six reasons why we love North Asheville's Geraldine's Bakery, from the amazing Boston Cream donuts to the old-school bakery vibe!

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Where To Get Great DONUTS in Asheville (+ A Map!)

A roundup of the best donut shops in Asheville, from vegan treats to which donut shops have the best coffee in town.

Baked Pie Co Cherry Crumb Pie with text "where to get the best pie in Asheville"
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The best pie in Asheville

Though you can find a lot of bakeries and baked goods in Asheville, there's only one destination for the best pie in Asheville: Baked Pie Company. Baked is the only pie-dedicated bake shop in Asheville and it is amazing.

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Breakfast at OWL Bakery

We had breakfast at OWL Bakery this morning and it was such a treat. I wish it could be part of our daily routine. The morning buns had already sold out by the time we arrived around 9:45am, but we were able to snag an almond rose croissant, cardamom bun, chocolate chip cookie and a piece of their savory beet chèvre quiche. We also got coffee, of course. They have really good coffee.