Where To Get Great Takeout In Asheville, NC

This article highlights the best places for takeout in Asheville. It shares details on how to order, the best food on the menu, parking and more.

Asheville’s booming food scene extends beyond the dine-in experience. Takeout has become the norm, with pretty much every restaurant offering convenient to-go options.

Takeout dinner from Gan Shan West, with Japanese Fries, Szechuan Cucumners, Kimchi, Dumplings and Gai Lon in to-go containers

As we all know, though, not all takeout is created equal. To help you navigate the abundance of choices, we’ve curated a list of our top picks for the best Asheville takeout.

This guide on where to get takeout in Asheville includes quick Asian favorites, BBQ stars, the best chicken sandwich in town and much more. And if you want a quick glance at it all, check out our web story of takeout spots.

Where To Get Takeout In Asheville

The map below showcases our top picks for where to get to-go food in Asheville. All of the restaurants on this list have fantastic takeout service and excellent food, so hopefully there’s a place near you!

Asheville’s Best Takeout (Our Top Picks)

Asian fusion takeout in West Asheville

Gan Shan West is an absolute go-to for takeout in Asheville. Their food is delicious, online ordering is easy, and they have a separate takeout window on the side.

What to order: The GSW Rice Bowl is a great place to start. It’s topped with kimchi and pickled veggies that have a bit of a kick. The Mongolian Beef and General Tso’s Chicken are also great. Don’t miss the handmade dumplings.

Ordering + pickup ease: You can order online in advance or schedule for ASAP. They keep you updated on your order status via text, and will have it ready at the takeout window between GSW and OWL Bakery.

Parking: There are a few spots out front on Haywood, including 2 curbside pickup spots. There’s also a lot on the other side of Archetype.

Takeout beverages: You can add beer, wine or sake to your online order.

Luella’s Bar-B-Que

33 Town Square Blvd | South Asheville (Biltmore Park)

Carolina BBQ takeout for a group in Asheville

With locations in both North and South Asheville, Luella’s Bar-B-Que makes it easy to feed a group with their awesome family meals and easy online ordering.

Luella’s is known for their Eastern Carolina pulled pork with a vinegar sauce. They also have smoked wings, ribs and brisket, as well as several great sides. Their mac + cheese is the best in town!

In a surprising twist, they also have great smoked Tempeh! In fact, Luella’s is a top pick if you are looking for vegan food in Asheville.

Luella’s is an excellent takeout option if you aren’t planning to eat immediately. Their food is still delicious hours later and heats up great!

What to order: If feeding a group, try the BBQ family pack with 2 pounds of chopped pork, 3 sides and hush puppies. They have a larger sampler pack if you want to try a few different kinds of meat.

Ordering + pickup ease: Luella’s has easy online ordering available for both pickup and delivery. You can schedule in advance or for ASAP.

Parking: The original location in North Asheville has dedicated parking. The Biltmore Park location has a ton of parking out front, but it’s shared with nearby businesses so it can fill up depending on the day.

Takeout beverages: You can order tea and lemonade by the cup or gallon, as well as soda.

Flavorful Indian street food takeout in West Asheville

Part of the famous Spicewalla + Chai Pani portfolio, Botiwalla does not disappoint. Their food is delicious and it’s perfect for takeout.

What to order: Try their legendary okra fries (the same recipe as Chai Pani), the chicken tikka roll, Malai chicken roll or any of their rice bowls. The Bhel Puri appetizer is also great!

Ordering + pickup ease: Quick online ordering and they have a dedicated door on the left for pickup. To-go orders are placed on a shelf so you can easily grab and go.

Parking: Parking lot out front– it can occasionally get full but there’s street parking nearby and a pay-to-park lot across the street at the church.

Takeout beverages: Botiwalla has a mango lassi on the takeout drink menu.

Artisan pizza in River Arts District

All Souls Pizza is not only a top place to dine in Asheville (counter service + outdoor seating!), but it’s also great for takeout pizza.

In a perfectly Asheville-foodie way, everything on the menu is just a bit elevated. Their menu is seasonally inspired and updated frequently. You can always count on 8 or so pizza options, appetizers and salads.

What to order: Try the honey pizza or mushroom pizza with a bibb lettuce salad. Their daily specials are also a great place to start.

Ordering + pickup ease: Easy online ordering. They provide an estimated time when you order and will have it ready at the counter.

Parking: Big parking lot in front of the restaurant.

Quick Middle-Eastern takeout in downtown Asheville

Baba Nahm is an excellent pick for fast and fresh Middle-Eastern takeout in Asheville.

You choose your main dish (like chicken shawarma, falafels or meatballs), decide how you want it served (ex. pita sandwich, hummus bowl, platter, etc.,) and then modify as needed.

Ordering + pickup ease: Call in or order online. You can either order for immediate pickup (they provide an estimated time) or schedule in advance. They’ll have it ready to go at the counter.

What to order: Try the chicken shawarma or tabrizi meatballs. You can choose the style (stuffed pita, Laffah wrap, Fattoush salad, etc.)

Parking: There are several parking spots around the Grove Arcade and a few curbside ones. Be warned that at busy times these may all be taken. You’ll find the Wall Street public garage across the street from the Grove Arcade.

Takeout beverages: Baba Nahm offers beer, cider and wine to go along with your takeout. They also have other fun beverages like kombucha, coconut water and Waynesville Soda Jerks probiotic soda.

Vinnie’s Neighborhood Italian

1981 Hendersonville Hwy | South Asheville

Italian takeout with 2 Asheville locations

Vinnie’s is the best place for authentic Italian to-go food in Asheville. It’s especially great if you are looking for a date-night-worthy dinner from the comfort of your home.

What to order: The chicken parmigiana is a great place to start, and the penne al funghi is excellent if you like mushrooms. Make sure to get dessert, like ricotta cheesecake or cannoli.

Ordering ease: Vinnie’s has easy online ordering, though you can’t schedule in advance.

Parking: Dedicated parking lots at both locations.

Takeout beverages: Vinnie’s has several bottles of takeout wine on the menu.

Local smokehouse with a dedicated takeout counter

12 Bones Smokehouse is known for their ribs, classic BBQ offerings and sides. They have locations in both the River Arts District and Arden, NC. Their Arden (South Asheville) location has a dedicated counter for takeout.

More Arden, NC Restaurants

What to order: You’ll find all the BBQ classics at 12 Bones (pulled pork and chicken, smoked turkey, brisket…), but they are most known for their ribs. Try the brown sugar-rubbed ribs, collard greens, corn pudding and jalapeno cheese grits for a memorable meal.

Ordering + pickup ease: Order online and they’ll have it ready at the takeout counter. You can order for ASAP pickup or schedule up to 2 weeks in advance.

Parking: Large parking lot and a few takeout-only spots toward the entrance.

Takeout beverages: 12 Bones doesn’t have any beverages on the online ordering site, but you can get them when you pick your order up. Their Arden restaurant is also home to their brewery operations, so you can also get a 6-pack to-go while there.

Takeout breakfast & lunch (from a gas station restaurant)

Oh my, we sure do love Sand Hill Kitchen. The food is amazing, the people are great and the takeout service is top-notch. And it’s a very unexpected find in a corner gas station.

Now, this isn’t a place for takeout dinner because they close after lunch. But if you are looking for a delicious breakfast or lunch on the go, head to Sand Hill!

What to order: The chicken sandwich is the best place to start! Their cheeseburger is also delicious, as well as the beet sandwich. If it’s breakfast time, try the chicken biscuit or the breakfast BLT.

Ordering + pickup ease: They have a drive-through where you can grab and go, but you have to order online first.

Parking: There are a few spots right out front and along the side of the gas station.

Takeout beverages: Sweet tea, lemonade, Shanti Jun Elixir and coffee. The gas station also has beverages for sale, including beer.

Flavorful Lebanese food in West Asheville

Gypsy Queen Cuisine is a local favorite eatery in West Asheville for Lebanese food.

What to order: Try the fried brussels sprouts and cauliflower. We also love their baba ghanouj, shawarma wraps and their kafta. If you’re feeding a group, check out their lamb kafta or chicken shawarma family plates. And don’t miss the baklava if you have a sweet tooth.

Pickup ease: Order online and they’ll provide a set pick-up time. You can’t order in advance but you can see the estimated ready time before placing your order. They’ll have it bagged up and waiting at the front counter.

Parking: Gypsy Queen has a large parking lot out front.

Takeout beverages:  Yerba Matte and Blue Moon Water are on the takeout menu.

Excellent sushi takeout in South Asheville

Murasaki is a top pick for sushi in Asheville. Not only do they have a ton of fresh sushi options, but they also have excellent hibachi.

What to order: Try the dynamite shrimp and pork dumplings. The chicken hibachi is always great and you can’t go wrong with sushi. We particularly love the Black Panther Roll and the Double Decker Roll.

Ordering + pickup ease: Easy online ordering where you can order for ASAP pickup or for later in the day. Your order will be ready at the hostess stand.

Parking: Large parking lot out front.

Takeout beverages: The online menu includes soda, tea, hot tea, lemonade and ramune soda.

Best place for takeout pizza in West Asheville

There’s nothing like a classic pizza place for takeout and Pizza Mind certainly fits the bill.

We can’t get enough of their pizza, from the delicious crust to the tasty combinations. We recommend it both for dining in and taking out.

What to order: Try the Big Mac-inspired Happy Wheel pizza and their Caesar salad with house croutons. The Doctor pizza is also great– it comes with Hickory Nut Gap Italian sausage.

Ordering + pickup ease: You can order Pizza Mind online here. You can’t specify a pickup time, but they do provide a timeframe before ordering. They’ll have it ready at the counter.

Parking: Small parking lot out front and additional spots on Haywood.

Takeout beverages: Soda, tea, juice

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