Where To Work Remotely In Asheville: Coffee Shops, Cafes + More

Asheville is a great place to work remotely, with plenty of coffee shops with Wi-Fi, coworking spaces, and scenic outdoor spots to choose from. This guide shares our top picks.

As remote work becomes even more popular (especially in Asheville!), the need for new places to set up shop does too. Lucky for us all, there are a ton of great places to work from.

We’re remote workers in Asheville, so we know a good spot when we find it. All of the places on this list have Wi-Fi, coffee and comfortable seating. Some have epic outlet places, others have great outdoor seating and a few even serve alcohol.

For other coffee-related reads, check out our guides to coffee shops with outdoor seating and coffee shops with excellent food. And don’t miss our ultimate guide to coffee shops in Asheville for details on all the best spots.

Where To Work Remotely In Asheville

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The Best Places To Work Remotely In Asheville

Below you’ll find our roundup of great coffee shops to work from, various coworking locations and even a few outdoor spots.

One last note: If you plan to work remotely from one of these places, please be courteous! For extended stays, consider grabbing a few drinks and treats (and don’t forget to tip!) Long work sessions over a single coffee aren’t the Asheville way, anyway.

Spacious board game cafe with natural light, Wi-Fi and a side of joy

You won’t believe how charming it is to work in a happy place like Well Played Board Game Cafe. Though those around you may not have emails to reply to, the upbeat atmosphere may make your job a bit more, well, fun.

And how could it not? Your drip coffee will come with a side of animal crackers!

They also have food all day, from coffee and pastries to parmesan rosemary truffle fries and even dino nuggets.

Be sure to play a game or two once you log out for the day. You can either purchase a game pass for the day or, if you want to be a regular, join the monthly Gamer’s Guild program.

New West Asheville coffee shop with excellent outdoor seating

Local favorite coffee roaster Cooperative Coffee opened its first brick-and-mortar in May 2024. It’s located in West Asheville and has excellent outdoor seating complete with hammocks.

If you need a proper table, don’t fret! They have several inside (along with giant windows that open with great weather) and a few cafe-style outdoor tables, too.

Apart from great coffee and espresso drinks, you’ll also find a deli case with bites from Newstock Pantry (hummus, etc.) and several pastries.

Get some work done before time on the pickleball courts

Asheville Sports Club is more than a destination for pickleball in Asheville. Its a great place to just enjoy the scenery and, if you need to, get some work done.

They open at 8am and love remote workers so much that they have Wi-Fi! They also have coffee and a few pastries. And, of course, beer and cocktails.

Reserve the courts in advance for a mid-work break.

Downtown coffee shop with upstairs seating + tons of outlets

The Rhu is a top pick for a coffee shop to work from in Asheville. Not only do they have great food and drinks, but there’s a hidden area upstairs with a ton of seating and outlets.

You can also opt to sit downstairs at their main window, though it’s easy to get distracted with people-watching there.

The Rhu offers breakfast and lunch in addition to a variety of pastries available daily. Try the brownie!

Cool river cabin with a Wi-Fi-powered meadow

Not only does Wrong Way Campground offer a unique stay in Asheville, but it’s also a great place to work.

Their River Lodge is open to the public from 7am to 9pm daily. There you’ll find Wi-Fi and a canteen with coffee, snacks and even outdoor gear.

If you need some fresh air, take the trail to The Meadow! It’s located just behind the cabins and the Wi-Fi is still within reach. It’s a great spot to bask in the sun while knocking out your to-do list.

Wrong Way also has an 8-person conference room and a 36-person space available for rent.

Modern space with 2 levels of seating

If aesthetics are important to you when choosing a remote work location, Session should be at the top of your list. It’s a hybrid cafe/coffee shop/bar with excellent food.

Located in the historic Citizen Times building, the interior is unique and modern and seems suited for the pages of a trendy magazine.

They share the space with Citizen Vinyl record press, a recording studio, an art & record store, and even a plant store!

Seating is available on the first floor as well as a lofted area upstairs.

1155 Tunnel Road | East Asheville

Pastries and coffee in the AM, tapas at night

Filo in East Asheville is a pretty unique place. First of all, it kind of looks like a castle. And secondly, it’s two restaurants in one.

We’ll highlight Filo for where to work remotely because it’s the breakfast + lunch restaurant, but at night Post 70 serves tapas and cocktails.

Filo’s menu includes several great pastries, a few breakfast sandwich combinations and Greek yogurt + granola. There are several areas to sit, including a few cozy chairs, a bar area and even an outdoor patio.

Hidden gem rooftop cafe with Wi-Fi and outdoor seating

While the Art Museum may be an unexpected find on this list of where to work remotely in Asheville, it’s actually a great spot! They have a rooftop cafe that offers seating both inside and out.

You’ll need to either have an annual membership to visit the cafe at the Art Museum, or local residents can get a ZOOM Pass for free entry every 30 days.

Other Free Things To Do In Asheville

Italian restaurant with counter-service breakfast + coffee

Here’s another unexpected addition to our remote working list: Gemelli Restaurant.

But hear me out– it’s beautiful, quiet and I’ll be honest, pretty empty in the mornings.

By night Gemelli is a nicer Italian restaurant, but from 9am through lunch they are a casual counter service eatery. They have a daily brunch menu and a very impressive Italian espresso.

Coworking Spaces In Asheville

Several coworking spaces in Asheville offer day passes for remote workers. Who knows, you may fall in love with one of these places and make it your daily work go-to.

These all come at a price, but they often have exclusive perks and amenities, like free coffee, excellent Wi-Fi and even conference rooms.

  1. Hatchworks: located next to Pollen Coffee Shop. Day passes available + memberships. Food trucks on Tuesdays!
  2. Center For Craft: Coworking space, lecture hall, classrooms and conference rooms. They have private offices, a flex plan and a day pass. Includes Counter Culture coffee, tea and Buchi Kombucha.
  3. Focal Point Coworking: Day passes, shared office spaces, private offices & meeting rooms. Located in the downtown/South Slope area.
  4. Mojo Coworking: Remote office space in downtown AVL near Rowan Coffee.

Local favorite remote work spot in River Arts District

Summit Coffee’s River Arts District location is a popular spot for remote workers. They have tons of seating, soaring ceilings, great coffee and outdoor seatin

Plus, any whole bean purchase comes with a free cup of coffee!

Once you log off for the day, head across the street to Wedge Brewing or grab a bite at 12 Bones BBQ.

A moody spot to pen your next great novel

Rowan Coffee is a top recommendation if you need a gorgeous backdrop to get inspired. And also if the quality of your coffee is key to your success.

With just one visit you’ll quickly find that Rowan is a master at both.

Rowan is located in downtown Asheville. There are a few parking spots on the street and a parking lot next door (though it’s expensive!)

A go-to for remote work when it’s nice out

If the weather is nice but you have a looming deadline, consider visiting High Five in Woodfin.

This location sits on the river and there are several picnic tables up for grabs.

They brew with Counter Culture coffee beans and have a variety of baked goods and light bites to choose from.

Excellent food + laidback space for remote work

The locally loved BattleCat Coffee Bar offers a perfect latte, a great place to work and exceptional food from in-house Tiger Bay Cafe.

Try the breakfast bagel sandwich from Tiger Bay! BattleCat also has a few pastries available at the coffee window.

BattleCat has a smaller room in the back that offers a quiet escape when needed. You can also hang in the front room on the couch, or set up shop outside.

Coffee, wine and beer in a chill space in downtown Asheville

Rite Rite has it all: Wi-Fi, aesthetics, coffee, beer, wine and food. They’re also a very welcoming spot to all.

Try their seasonal drink specials (like the sweet potato in the fall!) When in need, they have beer on tap and a few options for wine.

You can also pick up a few finds from their marketplace, like local favorites Poppy Popcorn, Cooperative Coffee and Everyday Oil.

Coffee shop in West Asheville that’s open late

Odd’s Cafe is a go-to spot in West Asheville for working remotely. Their drinks are perfect, the pastry cases are full and the people are charming.

They brew Cooperative Coffee and have a ton of tea drinks and flavorful lattes. They dont’ charge extra for alternative milks (except for half & half.)

Odd’s is open 7am to 8pm daily, which is pretty late compared to other coffee shops.

River Arts District coffee shop (that you can rent out for a meeting!)

Grind Coffee is a great destination for remote workers in Asheville. It’s located in the River Arts District and is especially nice when the garage door up front is open.

Their drink menu includes signature lattes, matcha lemonade and the popular TikTok dalgona. They also have teas and a few pastries.

Did you know that you can book the Grind space? It’s great for board meetings, business mixers and small gatherings.

Great coffee shop to work remotely in South Asheville

Dripolator is one of the most popular spots in South Asheville to work remotely. They have excellent coffee (they’re a roaster!), espresso drinks and smoothies. They also have breakfast sandwiches, quiche and a few pastries.

Like all the great spots, it can get busy at times. But there’s typically a seat you can snag somewhere. Plus, they have a great outdoor patio when the weather is nice.

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